Possible new concept art images featuring ship designs and a rendering of Han Solo's costume from the upcoming Star Wars prequel have leaked. Leaks from Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi have become more common lately as the release date nears. Just this past week, we've seen leaks of Kylo Ren's ship, Rey's costume, and even the possibility of Snope's true identity thanks to upcoming toy and videogame releases set to coincide with Star Wars 8. But Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is a little further out, making official information scarce except for the previously reported rumor that Han Solo will have a few scenes on the planet of Tatooine thanks to some aerial pictures of the set. That changes today, maybe.

Thanks to StarWarsNewsNet.com, we have an early sneak peek at what fans can expect. We must warn you that there are possible SPOILERS AHEAD. The sketches and production art are up for auction on a popular online auction site. The authenticity of these leaks is not 100% official, though the seller claims that they are 100% legitimate and official because he/she states that they were associated with Star Wars "Red Cup," aka Han Solo movie. The auction appears to no longer be available on our end, which could lead to the assumption that the leaked concept art is indeed real.

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There's a sketch of young Han Solo that definitely has an uncanny resemblance to Alden Ehrereich in what appears to be the familiar looking Han Solo costume. The ship designs are where it really gets interesting though. There are some pieces of what looks like the hull of an AT-AT Walker along with the set photos that appear to be the vehicle under construction. In other familiarity there's a land speeder similar to the ones used in Return of the Jedi, but with twin engines. Elsewhere, one of the ships kind of resembles the Emperor's ship, but with a different wingspan. The rest of the ship and vehicle designs look completely new, but with a definite old school feeling of A New Hope. The designs do a good job of mixing the old and the new, which was also a good aspect of Rogue One.

We won't know if the leaked concept art for Han Solo is authentic for quite some time, but they sure look convincing. Another argument for them to be authentic is the detail, there are crazy amounts of detail in all of the concept art. If someone were going to play a prank, the joke would ultimately be on him or her because it looks like hours of hard work and care went into the designs. Even the production title, Red Cup into the concept art.

We're still a year away the still untitled Han Solo prequel, but excitement is definitely reaching fever pitch for the movie. Lucasfilm and Disney have done a great job keeping their secrets under wraps, but the leaks are inevitable as the release date nears. Official screenshots and teaser footage should be officially released soon, at least before The Last Jedi hits theaters in December. Check out the leaked concept art below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick