A new series of Star Wars posters have erased the guns, while also offering some that still have the iconic blasters in tact. It's no secret that Disney and Lucasfilm got into some hot water for their initial Solo: A Star Wars Story promotional posters that allegedly plagiarized some 2015 album covers by a French artist. Those posters were said, by Disney, to have been done by an outside contractor. Now the studio has taken no time in re-designing these character one-sheets. The new Solo posters keep the same color scheme, and have slight other changes. But the main difference, besides taking out the block lettering, is that they erased the blasters out of each character's hands. Though they also launched a separate International series that still have those blasters in hand.

Alden Ehrenreich's young Han Solo is seen in his reddish poster that shows the character in the same stance as the previous poster, but instead of aiming his iconic blaster, his right arm has been Photoshopped to be placed at his side. It looks a bit clumsy, and so do the rest of the posters that were doctored, especially when compared to the originals. The first Solo posters with the blasters intact made their debut before the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in the United States. But the altered ones came after. Though these are international posters, the news of the Florida shooting became a worldwide incident.

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It's hard to tell if Disney is trying to appease both sides of the gun debate by having both versions of the now altered poster available, which should make everyone happy and not so happy at the same time. It pleases everyone and no one all at once, and is sending some mixed signals.

Guns are at the forefront of politics in the United States at this time after a string of mass shootings over the last handful of years. The United States has 48 percent of the world's guns and has some of the highest instances of gun related deaths in the world, which has caused controversy for decades. However, a new High School shooting was more than likely the reasoning for removal of the blasters from the Solo: A Star Wars Story posters, though it has not been confirmed by Disney or Lucasfilm.

On a lighter note, the original plagiarized Solo posters were able to provide Star Wars fans with some laughs when a bunch of parody posters were made. Shirtless Ben Solo was one of the more popular ones as was the one featuring Chewbacca's son Lumpy. Some honorable mentions go to the Jar Jar Binks version along with the Jabba the Hut parody, Porgs, Ewoks, and the Lars poster. It's a shame that the original posters were rip-offs because they looked pretty cool and inspired some pretty hilarious art from some talented Star Wars fans.

The new Solo posters aren't as eye-catching as the originals, but they'll keep Lucasfilm and Disney from getting sued and they take them out of anybody accusing them of promoting gun violence. In other Solo news, Ron Howard recently announced that the score was being recorded and that we were getting a new theme composed by John Williams, which is certainly exciting for Star Wars fans. The movie will hit theaters on May 25th and hopefully we'll get some more footage before the end of May. Until then, you can check out the new posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story with the blasters taken out below, from StarWars.com.

Solo A Star Wars Story International Poster #1
Solo A Star Wars Story International Poster #2
Han Solo Poster #1
Han Solo Poster #2
Chewbacca Poster #1
Chewbacca Poster #2
Lando Poster #1
Lando Poster #2
QiRaPoster #1
QiRa Poster #2