Lucasfilm recently announced that they will have 6 sponsors to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Red Solo Cup will be one of them. The original working title for the movie was Red Cup in reference to the Solo cups and the logo for Solo shares more than a little bit of a passing similarity to the famous cup logo, which many have noticed. So, it seems that this partnership was probably in the cards for quite some time before being announced to the public this week.

Lucasfilm announced this week that they are joining forces with six of the world's most well-known brands, including Denny's, Esurance, General Mills, Nissan, Solo Cup, and Symantec, for the launch of an extensive worldwide promotional campaign in support of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens on May 25th. Lylle Breier, Sr. Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships of Walt Disney Studios, noted that each of the brands has done an innovative campaign pitch to promote the movie. He had this to say.

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"Our six promotional partners for Solo: A Star Wars Story have done a fantastic job developing first-class, innovative campaigns in support of the film. We are excited to share the compelling experiences and relevant activations that our partners have created for our fans."

At of all 6 of the brands, the Solo cup reference appears too good of a pun to pass up. The Solo cup has its own country song and now it'll have a new set of life in the Solo movie.

Out of all of the behind-the-scenes pictures that Ron Howard shared from the set of Solo, we never saw any evidence of some competitive beer pong or quarters getting played utilizing their new corporate sponsor, so there could very well be some Red Solo Cup gambling going on in the movie. Perhaps that's how young Han Solo acquires the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. All kidding aside, all of the Star Wars movies end up with corporate sponsorship, but the Red Solo Cup is almost too perfect for your friends that love dad jokes.

Nissan has partnered with Lucasfilm for Rogue One and The Last Jedi, so it was already assumed that the partnership would extend for a third project. There will more than likely be a set of Solo: A Star Wars Story-themed custom vehicles that Nissan will put on display at a car show before the premiere of the movie at the end of May. For the rest, it's not quite clear what their "innovative" pitches to Lucasfilm were, but we'll all find out soon enough.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has come under fire over the last few days for reportedly stealing the design of the latest posters that were just released online. Disney admits that the posters were made by an outside vendor and are currently looking into the situation. For now, we have a whole bunch of commercials and online advertisements to get us prepared for the release of the Solo movie. You can head over to Disney for more information on the 6 brands.