Solo: A Star Wars Story is now a little over a month away and the promotional campaign is starting to kick into high gear. Last week, fans were treated to a new menu at Denny's that features Solo-inspired dishes as well as some new trading cards that highlight new characters and old favorites like Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca. And now, French car company Renault has unveiled an action-packed commercial that teases the big train heist scene from the movie with some footage that is exclusive to this TV ad.

The Renault commercial featuring elements from Solo starts with a mother and son driving when the mom notices that her son is disinterested with his nose in his cellphone. Mom then decides to take another road which puts them in immediate danger with some of Enfys Nest's Cloud-Rider Gang chasing their car while a train heist is occurring. Chewbacca shows up to fend off some of the Cloud-Rider Gang, while the Millennium Falcon arrives to help the new Renault car make its unknown destination.

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The Renault ad showcases some footage that is exclusive to the spot as well as some shots from Solo, and it's a lot of fun. Star Wars fans were as divisive as ever when the first footage from the movie was shared earlier this year. The reports of the troubled production still linger, and many are hoping to see more of Alden Ehrenreich's young Han Solo in the new full-length trailer, which airs tonight, during American Idol. While some fans think that the Solo movie looks like a lot of fun, others are not impressed with what Disney and Lucasfilm have been doing with the Star Wars franchise.

Lucasfilm held out for a long time before showing us any footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story, which led to fans being even more skeptical about the Star Wars spin-off movie. Ron Howard took over the troubled production over the summer for reshoots, but recent reports indicate that he pretty much reshot the entire film. Chris Miller and Phil Lord were fired by Lucasfilm with creative differences as the reasoning. The directing duo reportedly were in over their heads with the project and many have said that the production was not organized while they were on board.

Ron Howard will receive sole directing credit on Solo after working on the movie since July of 2017. The new full-length trailer will be released this evening, ahead of the May 25th release date. Fans hoping to avoid spoilers may want to consider staying away from social media after May 15th, which is when the movie premieres at Cannes. Many have looked at the screening announcement as confidence in the project from Lucasfilm, which seems like the opposite of how most fans felt during the production of Solo. You can check out the new Renault TV commercial featuring some new footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story below, thanks to the Renault France YouTube channel.