A new report circulating claims that Ron Howard has reshot nearly all of Han Solo, which in turn may have doubled the budget of the Star Wars spin-off. Lucasfilm surprised everybody when it was announced over the summer that they had decided to part ways with original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord after 4 months of filming due to the ever so popular "creative differences" excuse. Many believed that since the movie was near completion that Ron Howard was coming in to finish and shoot some additional scenes, but new information suggests that Howard may have reshot most of the movie.

Ron Howard took over and instantly started posting cryptic pictures and short videos that gave an impression that everything was going along as planned behind the scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The director's pictures and humorous and often heartfelt social media posts helped to shift the narrative from a production in disarray to business as usual. But, in the time since Ron Howard took over, it appears that he has done a lot more than finish up what Phil Lord and Chris Miller started.

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When the split between Lucasfilm and the original directing duo happened, many were led to believe that all of the footage that they had shot was "very usable" and that the movie was already close to being finished by the time Ron Howard came on board. The latest episode of Star Wars News Net's The Resistance Podcast paints a completely different picture. Inside sources have reportedly told them that Ron Howard has reshot "nearly all" of Solo, which ballooned up the budget to possibly "twice" the original budget. The new report does hold some weight since the reshoots took a lot longer than many anticipated. However, with news coming from inside sources, it's always good to take the news with a grain of salt.

If the new report ends up being correct, it might stem from the creative differences that saw Chris Miller and Phil Lord get the axe. Reports that came out at the time of the firing claim that the duo were creating a comedic tone, with some reporting that the directors were making an Ace Ventura version of Han Solo. That idea does not even look good on paper, so this could all be for the best. In addition, it could benefit the movie in terms of flow, in that we're not seeing a movie that was made by 3 directors.

As mentioned earlier, this is all speculation at this point, but it does seem to have more than a hint of the truth. This was probably to be expected since Ron Howard has even had to recast actors in the project. Back in September, it was announced that Paul Bettany was coming on board to play Michael Kenneth Williams' character since he was not available to be involved in any of the Han Solo reshoots due to a scheduling conflict. Regardless, Ron Howard has put a lot of work into Solo: A Star Wars Story and it will be interesting to see what names show up in the credits at the end of the movie. You can check out the entire podcast below, via the SWNN Resistance Broadcast YouTube channel.