Ever since it was announced that Phil Miller and Chris Lord were fired from Solo: A Star Wars Story, many have wondered who will receive directing credit. Many assumed that it would stay with Lord and Miller, since most of the movie had reportedly already been shot by the time Ron Howard came on board. However, this is not the case. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have revealed that they will be credited as executive producers and Ron Howard will receive the sole directing credit.

At the time, it was reported that Chris Miller and Phil Lord were fired over creative differences. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy said as much in a statement and now Lord and Miller are saying it again. But this time, they say that they chose to take executive producer roles on the Solo movie because of these creative differences. Speaking at the third annual GLAS Animation Festival today in California, the directors had this to say.

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"We were really proud of the many contributions we made to that film. In light of the creative differences, we elected to take an executive producer credit."

When Ron Howard came aboard to finish Solo, it was reported that he was only coming on for reshoots. But, those reshoots lasted for months, leading many to believe that he had done a lot more than just reshoots. Michael K. Williams was not able to make it out for the extensive reshoots, so his character was replaced by Paul Bettany. At the time, Williams had this to say.

"When Ron Howard got hired to finish out the film, there were some reshoot issues that needed to be done in regard to my character, in order for it to match the new direction which the producers wanted Ron to carry the film in."

It sounds like Ron Howard changed much of the tone of Solo: A Star Wars Story and brought it in a new direction. The direction must have been different enough for Phil Lord and Chris Miller to take their names off of the directing credit. Either that, or they're upset from getting let go from the project. Either way, it now has Ron Howard's name attached, and he will ultimately be the one who gets judged on whether the movie is good or not.

Small leaks from the Solo merchandise reveal that Ron Howard and Lucasfilm have dug deep into the Star Wars Legends for some new villains. Additionally, Ron Howard also posted a picture of Tag and Bink from the set, which excited long-time fans of the franchise. Now, we wait. It's rumored that a full-length Solo trailer will arrive just in time for Infinity War, so hopefully we'll get a better look at what Ron Howard has done with the young Han Solo character. Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on May 25th. This report originated from Variety.