For a guy trying to turn the ship around, Ron Howard has really come out of the gate trolling. And now, he's offered a mixed message video that's a little hard to read. Is he taking out the trash on the set of Han Solo, or just straight up calling the movie garbage? Or, is he just having some mindless fun unaware of the complications, motifs and metaphors that can be read into it because he's not an auteur director, as the press has so lovingly pointed out over the course of the past week. Perhaps all of the above.

Yesterday, new Han Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard revealed a behind-the-scenes photo from his first day on the job. It was not nearly as revealing as fans would have hoped for. The photo only showed the director's shoes, along with some water bottles and wires running along the floor. But today, the filmmaker has returned to social media to try and redeem himself with another sneak peek. This time, a brief video from the set. But, alas, it is just as revealing as the first image, meaning it's not very revealing at all. Unless there is more to read between the lines here then some in the press would like to give Ron Howard credit for.

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This video was posted to Ron Howard's Twitter last night, with the director revealing that this is a "carefully chosen sneak peek" that he is providing, despite signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). And the fact that the filmmaker is working on a closed set. Despite all of those limitations, this brave filmmaker decided to post this brief video of him walking to a trash can, to throw out his carry-out box, presumably from lunch. Straight up garbage. At this point, what the director actually had for lunch would be more revealing than anything he's shown us from the past two days. While it's possible he's building up to an even bigger reveal on the Han Solo set, it seems quite unlikely. Except for maybe that he's calling the movie trash. Or that he's trashing what came before it and ready to start anew. Ah, so much we could read into just a man throwing away his lunch. Its quite possibly the most brilliant thing Ron Howard has ever directed. So poignant, so on the nose. So beautiful. Hell yes, this man is an auteur, so suck it, Hollywood.

While the filmmaker is clearly on set, presumably at Pinewood Studios, we don't have any clear-cut indication that any new scenes are actually being filmed yet. After all, a recent report claimed that Ron Howard would spend the next two weeks going over all of the footage that departing directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller had shot since January, with principal photography slated to resume on July 10. That report was never confirmed by LucasFilm, and it's possible that the director has simply gone through the footage quicker than anticipated. Regardless if any new scenes are being filmed or not, Ron Howard is certainly 'on the job'.

Ever since the original directors were fired, there have been no shortage of rumors, with some claiming that LucasFilm executives were so underwhelmed by Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, that they brought in an acting coach to help improve his performance. Other reports claimed that Alden Ehrenreich himself expressed concerns over the comedic tone Phil Lord and Chris Miller were taking with the character, with some comparing his performance to the over-the-top Jim Carrey character Ace Ventura. Ron Howard stated in a recent interview that there is "a lot of great stuff" in the footage that Phil Lord and Chris Miller filmed, but it still remains unclear how much of their footage will be used when the movie hits theaters next May.

We reported earlier this week that Star Wars creator George Lucas thinks Ron Howard will do "great" at the helm of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, although he didn't have any advice for the filmmaker who is stepping in during an unusual situation. Disney and LucasFilm have made it clear that the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller will not impact the May 25, 2018 release date, with Ron Howard coming aboard to direct the last few weeks of principal photography, along with five weeks of reshoots that had already been built into the schedule. Take a look at this brief video from Ron Howard, on the set of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, as he 'throws out the trash' quite literally.

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B. Alan Orange