Ron Howard is clearly having fun after taking over directing duties on the still untitled Han Solo movie. The director seems to get a kick out of sharing little snippets of footage and behind the scenes pictures on his various social media accounts. In the latest set updates, we get to see a video of a burned out R2 unit, a picture of Howard directing Chewie, and another video of a "rough corner of the galaxy."

The latest behind the scenes sneak peeks from the Han Solo movie that Howard shared seem to indicate that things might be going wrong in this particular part of the movie. Howard's official Twitter page shared a short video of galaxy garbage on fire with smoke billowing out of it. Howard used the caption: "Rough Corner of the Galaxy." It is hard to discern just exactly what is on fire, but it looks like this corner of the galaxy has been bombed or had a flame thrower taken to it, since there are more burnt out artifacts below the main smoking structure.

Next up, the director shared another video, but this time its of an R2 unit on fire, which comes from the same set of the burned out destruction. The caption for the video reads: "Things are rough all over the galaxy." It is quite possible that the R2 unit was a casualty to whatever destruction went down, but could also be indicative of a party on set. The R2 unit looks like a pretty awesome barbecue set right before the crew threw some hot dogs and burgers on to grill or maybe even some fine Mexican-style corn.

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Finally, Ron Howard shared a tender moment between himself and Chewie on set from the monitors while filming. Maybe Chewbacca said something in Wookie that made Ron Howard laugh, but we're not sure since it appears that Howard can't remember. The caption reads: "Looks like I was clearly enjoying this close up performance on the set today." To be honest, any day that you get to work with a Wookie on a Star Wars set has to be a pretty good one, even if the rumors of Chewie's family making an appearance in the Han Solo movie are true. We have clearly seen another Wookie on set in an embrace with Chewie, so don't be surprised when the whole gang potentially shows up.

Though most of the pictures and videos that Ron Howard has shared form the set have been quite different from each other and they don't really tell us anything about the actual story behind the movie, they have a consistent clear line of fun running through them. Though, a photo from earlier this week hinted at a return of the dreaded Death Star. Howard has been a fan of Star Wars since 1977 and his joy and excitement are evident in every post that the director makes. Howard's excitement is starting to get infectious as even the most negative fans about a Han Solo spin-off movie are starting to come around. Check out the latest videos and picture from the set of the Han Solo movie below, courtesy of Ron Howard.

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