Donald Glover's facial hair for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story has been revealed thanks to Woody Harrelson's Instagram page. There are many iconic pieces to the Star Wars universe and one of them is definitely the sweet mustache of Billy Dee Williams that was first introduced in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. That mustache was used to sling Colt 45 back in the day with the popular slogan "It works every time" and has since gone on to earn legendary status.

When a Han Solo standalone movie was announced, many wondered how Donald Glover would channel his inner Lando Carissian. Now we're getting a first look at what Glover will look like in the spin-off. The photo was taken earlier this week in Spain where the spin-off is being filmed and Glover is clearly mugging for the camera, proud of his Lando stache. This isn't Glover's first foray into the world of upper lip hair. Glover was seen promoting the latest Childish Gambino record with a pretty amazing mustache, which coincidentally was right around the time it was announced that Glover would be hanging with Han Solo.

Glover recently sat down with Deadline to talk about his hit show Atlanta and of course his role as Lando. Glover said the following.

"This is probably one of my favorite experiences ever. For working under, like, a huge conglomerate, it's actually been quite an enjoyable, artistic thing. I get to play (Lando) in a way that I think is honest and true and cool...and I really respect him and I respect the actor who played him before. I've learned a lot about this character..."

Elsewhere in the interview Glover talks about his Lando character possibly being a little bit "more complicated" than Han Solo. Glover really seems like the most obvious choice for the role and many are starting to wonder if we might get a Lando standalone movie.

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There's no word on what Chewbacca thinks about young Lando's mustache, but one has to imagine that he doesn't really think it's that big of a deal. I mean, Chewie's whole body is just one giant mustache, but maybe he feels like Lando's mustache is an attempt of solidarity with the Wookie? This is pure speculation and it's unclear if any other characters will be growing out mustaches for the Han Solo spin-off, but it is clear that Harrelson does not have one. So it's safe to say that his character will not have any facial hair unless he's using a fake mustache, which would technically be cheating.

The Han Solo spin-off movie will be released on May 25th, 2018 so we've still got quite a while to wait, but hopefully some kind of teaser trailer will be ready in time for the release of The Last Jedi in November. In other news, Glover has said that his Childish Gambino will only release one more album and then call it quits, which has come as a shock to many since the last Childish Gambino record was such a hit. Maybe a Lando-themed band will come next: Lando and the Carissians.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick