Security was light, so Star Wars fan Lawrence Thespian was able to snap some great pictures on the set of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story located in Fuerteventura. Shooting for the spin-off started February 20th, 2017 at Pinewood Studios in London, and is now currently shooting in the Canary Islands. Apparently cameras were banned in the natural park, which is a popular tourist destination, while filming was going on. Many fans speculated that Han Solo could be taking place in a tropical location like Rogue One when it was first revealed that filming would take place on Fuerteventura. But those theories have been debunked by a flurry of set leaks. These images are by far the most detailed and clear look at the goings-on to date.

The Intel comes from StarWarsNewsNet via Mr. Thespian, and he reports that the set is less than 5 miles from the popular holiday resort in Costa Calma. Armed security and checkpoints have been utilized to keep people away from the private set. It is not clear how Thespian (can't be his real name, can it?) was able to get so close to the set or what he was even doing there in the first place, but his pictures are good and a great addition to photos of the Trooper Speeder that leaked over the weekend. According to StarWarsNewsNet Mr. Thespian "stumbled" upon the set...

According to Thespian, the set contains "two large round pavilion" complexes that could be palaces that have recently come under attack. Moisture vaporaotrs can clearly be seen, much like Tatooine in A New Hope. Could this be Tatooine? It is still unclear, but it does seem to be highly probable. Elsewhere, there are shots of igloo-like structures that were previously rumored to have been constructed of leather, but are definitely constructed of metal in these photos. There even appears to be a shipwreck that looks an awful lot like a Sail Barge.

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Over the weekend more shots from the Han Solo set on Fuerteventura leaked. The one picture and video show a pod car and a stormtrooper on some kind of speeder. Speeder may not be the best term since it's moving very slowly... again, it's pretty amazing that these leaks keep happening since Thespian outlined the security information in such a detailed manner. Thespian reminds me of Frankie Sharp's security guard in Wayne's World portrayed by the late great Chris Farley.

Disney and Lucasfilm keep the lid tight on their projects and Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is no exception. We may know what the set looks like and who stars in the movie, but that's about it. Thanks to Thespian we know a lot about the set and that there is a no fly zone while filming takes place and that he may even know the hotel in which the cast is residing, which is kind of too much information. But whatever, cheers to Mr. Thespian and his accidental "stumble" of a find in a heavily guarded fortress of mystery. Check out the pictures from the Han Solo set below and for the full set of pictures head over to StarWarsNewsNet

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick