It's been a long wait for any footage from Solo, but we finally got our first tease today during Super Bowl 2018. The young Han Solo movie brings out some of the weirder characteristics of hardcore Star Wars fans. There's the fans that have been waiting patiently to see the first trailer for the Solo movie because they can't wait to see the movie. But then there's the fans who are certain that they will hate the movie and they've been impatiently waiting for the first look at any official footage so they can complain about it.

Well, the first teaser arrived for Solo: A Star Wars Story just ahead of the debut of the actual trailer, which airs tomorrow morning on Good Morning America. Ron Howard hinted at the Super Bowl tease earlier this week and it did not disappoint, unless you wanted more, then it did disappoint, so you'll just have to wait a few more hours. The logo has already been seen, so that wasn't exactly too exciting, but the tease of seeing Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo for the first time was pretty awesome.

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There's been so much negativity surrounding the Solo movie, so it was cool to finally see some footage to put the haters in check for a few hours. Ron Howard treated the teaser almost like the pictures that he shared from the set while he was filming the reshoots, which means it was pretty cryptic with a trace of the director's signature humor. The humor is definitely different than the reported humor that Chris Miller and Phil Lord were going for, which was described as Ace Ventura mixed with Star Wars.

Even though the footage was pretty awesome, it seems that the biggest haters of Solo: A Star Wars Story will remain to be fans in secret and will still publicly trash the movie. But that's what Star Wars fans do: talk trash on the movie for so long and then begin to really like it, but they ended up talking so much trash that they can't go back. Lucasfilm really can't win at this point, but they will more than likely win at the box office on May 25th, even from the haters who will wait in line to see it.

We're nearly 100 days away from Solo: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters and the hype is now off the charts since we've been given a little taste. Hopefully the first official trailer, which will premiere tomorrow morning on Good Morning America will do a little bit more to tide us all over. Whatever the case may be, the excitement for the young Han Solo movie is off the charts after our brief Super Bowl 2018 tease. You can check out the awesome, but brief, teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story below, courtesy of

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick