It's officially confirmed. In just a few short hours, fans everywhere will get their first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, as a 45 second TV spot unspools during the Super Bowl. But first, we have a look at some of the exciting toys that will be coming to stores this summer. They give us a first glimpse at the Kessel guards, hint at Jabba's Palace, and solidify the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm totally lied to us about that first promotional image they claimed was faked. Cause these pieces of solidified plastic most definitely are not.

The new Millennium Falcon stands out like a sore against the back drop of these first toy images. Many wondered why the ship, with its fresh coat of blue accent paint, looked stretched. That wasn't an accident, as it appears in plastic form that way as well, with its front cargo loader carrying an important package for delivery. If you didn't believe Star Wars toy sales were down, this is a good indicator, as the new Falcon is just a means to sell more memorabilia to the masses.

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We get our first real look at Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian here. He trades his iconic blue Bespin wardrobe for Yellow. His action figure comes as a two pack, with Lando arriving alongside a Kessel Guard. This once again assures that we will be seeing the Spice Mines of Kessel in Solo, and the infamous Kessel Run as well.

Another image gives us a better look at Lando and his new wardrobe, alongside an unnamed character suspected to be the villain Moloch, who was revealed by the first LEGEO sets a few weeks ago. But it's noted that this could be a completely different, as yet named character new to the Star Wars canon.

Next up is the large Han Solo action figure, which gives us a better idea what Alden Ehrenreich will look like as the iconic space pirate. We also get to see a better image of Emilia Clarke as female lead Qi'ra. There is also a brand new Stormtrooper revealed here, who was hinted at in the earlier LEGO leaks. The new trooper was first spotted in set photos from the Fawley Power Station, where a speeder chase was being filmed.

Another intriguing set of toys is speculated to be teasing Jabba's Palace. And it looks like Solo will be making a return pit stop to Tatooine. It has long been rumored that Jabba returns in this first of three proposed Han Solo standalone adventures. And that makes perfect sense, as Jabba is a huge part of Han's backstory since the original 1977 outing A New Hope.

Also of note, there is a new Qui-Gon Jin figure being released as part of this Solo line of toys, but as we've seen in the past, these new waves of action figures always bring in a few older, classic characters and should in no way be any indication at all that he's in the film. That said, we have seen Qui-Gon return as a Force Ghost in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But what his place would be in a Han Solo movie? Aside from the fact that he could be visiting Tatooine, where Old Ben roams, that's a question for Mr. Ron Howard. You can check out all the leaked action figures and toys at Star Wars News Net.