A new Star Wars movie means new toys and now we have our first official look at the action figures and LEGO Millennium Falcon for Solo. Hasbro and LEGO released details about the new merchandise for the Solo movie ahead of this weekend's New York Toy Fair and they look pretty awesome. New Star Wars toys are always a big deal, but they're especially a big deal when they contain the new "old" version of the Millennium Falcon, before Han Solo and Chewie messed it up so bad.

The new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon LEGO set features a young Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Chewie, Qi'ra, a Kessel droid, and two other secret characters that have not been announced just yet. This is the first official look at the LEGO set, which was previously seen in leaked photos that were not of the highest quality. The set consists of 1,414 pieces and runs a steep price tag of $169.99. The full description reads.

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"Outsmart the villainous overseers and escape the Kessel Mines aboard the amazing Millennium Falcon! Pull amazing maneuvers from the cockpit. Jump in the laser turrets and fire back at pursuing craft. Then check the hyperdrive and get ready to jump to safety! After all that excitement, kick back with Han and his friends with a drink from the bar, while you let Chewbacca win at Dejarik. Then it's off to bed for a well-earned snooze in the bunk aboard the fastest ship in the galaxy!"

Next up are Hasbro's action figures for the Solo movie. The new action figures are labeled under the Black Series and they are each 6" tall. The set features Chewbacca, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Qi'ra, and the Imperial Range Trooper. There is also a set of 3" figures that go with the new Millennium Falcon, which shows off Han's sleeping quarters. There's no pricing information on the new Millennium Falcon set with the 3" action figures, but one can imagine that it's pretty pricey like the LEGO set.

The Millennium Falcon has been around in LEGO form since 2000 and since then, all kinds of different sets have been released. Most notably, was the 2017 Ultimate Collector's Series line which cost $799 and had 7,541 pieces. Even with the hefty price tag, Star Wars fans ran out to buy the Millennium Falcon set, leading it to sell out and fetch even higher prices on the internet. So, a new version of the Millennium Falcon will sell, no matter how the movie does in theaters, just so collectors can keep up to date on all of the latest sets.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25th and the new action figures and LEGO sets will come out sometime before the movie arrives. The first trailer recently dropped for the movie and Star Wars fans are divided once again on whether the movie will be any good or not. One thing that is not very divisive is the new world of Star Wars toys, which you can check out below, courtesy of Star Wars News Net.