We may finally get to see the trailer for the Han Solo movie this week after Ron Howard told a fan on social media that the release was coming soon. Rumors have suggested that the trailer will make its debut this Friday, January 12th, on Good Morning America. Excitement for the Star Wars spin-off movie has finally started to gain some momentum after the release of The Last Jedi and even fans who were not into the idea of a young Han Solo movie are starting to come around. We're still 5 months away from the movie hitting theaters, which means that it's the right time to see some footage from the Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Ron Howard recently answered a fan's question on Twitter asking about when the trailer for the Han Solo movie was going to drop. Howard's answer was short and straight to the point, which for anyone who's been following the production of the movie knows, this isn't always the case. Howard had this to say.

"Hang in there. Now that Ep 8 is out there it won't be long."

The director even used a smiley face, which is pretty weird to think about him doing. Nevertheless, it means that the trailer for the Han Solo movie is coming soon and possibly even this week.

Before Ron Howard's tweet last night, Star Wars Legacy tweeted out that the trailer for Solo will premiere this Friday, January 12th, on Good Morning America. More than likely learning from Mark Hamill's mistake of confirming a leak about a trailer release, Howard was less specific about the trailer's premiere. Good Morning America was also used to premiere the very first trailer for Rogue One and is usually a go to place for Disney to make announcements and share trailers. The record breaking trailer for Avengers: Infinity War made its debut on the program late last year as well.

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Ron Howard has been doing a tremendous job cryptically promoting the movie by sharing random pictures from the set while also saying farewell to the actors once they exit the production. However, Lucasfilm is going to have to work to properly promote the movie. Promotion is going to have to convince hardcore Star Wars fans who followed the production that this movie won't end up like Warner Bros.' disastrous Justice League after Ron Howard came in and took over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller. In addition, Lucasfilm is going to have to try and get some of the casual moviegoers into the theater to check out another Star Wars spin-off movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit theaters on May 25th, which is just right around the corner. As usual, Lucasfilm has done a rock solid job keeping the production secrets under wraps and we still haven't even seen an official picture of Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo yet. That is a pretty amazing feat right there. Hopefully that mystery will come to an end this week. You can check out some teasing of the Han Solo movie trailer below, courtesy of Ron Howard's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick