So it's come to this. The question on the mind of every single Star Wars fan out there is no longer related to Rey's parents. We all just want to know where the trailer for Solo is at. This started as a reasonable question some months ago that has now turned into one that serves as a reminder that this entire situation is totally crazy and getting crazier by the second. Now, there's a Twitter account dedicated to reminding us that Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to release the trailer for the Han Solo movie yet.

The Twitter account, which goes by the appropriate name Is the Solo Trailer out yet? was created on January 16 and sends out a single tweet every day, reminding us that no, the trailer is not out yet. Most days, the account simply tweets out the word "no," but we get the occasional "nope" or some other variation thrown in there just for the sake of freshening things up a bit. Though, the best tweet so far came last Wednesday when the official Star Wars account tweeted, "You have to start somewhere," as their #WednesdayWisdom quote. The @solomovieyet account had an excellent response.

"You have the trailer somewhere. #WednesdayWisdom"

As fun as this account is, the fact remains, Solo does not have a trailer, and that is becoming increasingly concerning by the second. Lucasfilm insists that the movie is going to be released on May 25. At this point in the marketing for any other Star Wars movie, we would have seen at least one trailer, if not two or even three. We've yet to see a shred of footage or even an official still for the movie, save for the behind-the-scenes photos shared by Ron Howard during filming.

So what's the deal? We truly do need to see a trailer for the Han Solo movie any day now and, with the Super Bowl coming up, it's likely that we'll see one by this weekend. Even so, is this cause for concern? At the extreme opposite end, Lucasfilm started marketing Star Wars: The Force Awakens by releasing a teaser trailer nearly 14 months prior to the release of the movie. Granted, we never expected that for Solo, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. That is, unless Disney and Lucasfilm do bump the release date, but there's no indication that's going to happen.

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The production for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been troubled, what with Ron Howard having to reshoot the majority of the movie after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired. With that in mind, and with the lack of marketing, it's hard not to wonder if Lucasfilm really is bracing for this movie to be something of a bomb. Trailer or no trailer, we'll know in just a few months when the movie is released. And the Is the Solo Trailer out yet? Twitter will be here to help us out until the trailer finally drops.

Ryan Scott