Solo is roughly four months away from release, and only today did we get a synopsis as part of Disney's big 2018 preview. No photos though, and no hint as to when we'll actually get to see the trailer. As things chug along, with no delayed release date yet announced, could Disney be pushing an agenda that wouldn't see a movie trailer ever released? Instead playing off J.J. Abrams' mystery box conceit, with audiences getting their first look only after they buy their ticket? While that almost sounds too genius to be true, it probably is. And it sounds like the upcoming reshoots are the real reason we haven't seen anything yet.

Solo has been a tumultuous production for Disney and Lucasfilm, and it's because of shareholders who have been promised a new movie this May that the standalone adventure hasn't been bumped yet. But that doesn't mean an announcement isn't coming soon. Ron Howard, who famously took over for fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller after nearly the entire movie had been shot, is set to do reshoots this month after he already completed a bunch of reshoots on the movie already. Way more than planned, in fact.

Now, it is being rumored that these reshoots are the reason we haven't seen the trailer. Apparently, they want to include one of the reshoot shots in the actual trailer itself. Perhaps to avoid what happened with Rogue One. Disney released that trailer a little too early, and as you may remember, a lot of the promotional material for the first Star Wars story arrived with a ton of footage that was never included in the finished movie. And that was a big problem for some fans. Lucasfilm has since refused to even officially release any of that footage on a Rogue One Blu-ray or DVD.

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And it's also possible we'll never see any of the scrapped footage for Han Solo as it gets locked away in a vault along with that Boba Fett trailer they buried after director Josh Trank got fired. Apparently we were supposed to see the Solo trailer last week, with Ron Howard teasing this on Twitter.

"Hang in there. Now that Episode 8 is out there, it won't be long."

It was widely reported by just about everyone save except for Disney and Lucasfilm that the trailer for Solo was going to be featured in the January 12 episode of Good Morning America. That didn't happen. The show came and went without a mention of Han and Chewbacca, and many fans were disappointed. Metro reports that self-described Star Wars expert Mike Zeroh had an answer about the trailer's no show from studio insiders close to the movie. Now, we know some of you absolutely hate Zeroh, so swallow this with a Fathier tranquilizer and you'll feel a little bit better about yourself and the situation. Mike reveals this new information.

"The trailer was supposed to come out on a date which was delayed due to pick-up shots. These will involve two characters, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, portrayed by Donald Glover. These will be done on a studio and not on location. This is the main reason why the trailer is delayed."

These pick-up shots are scheduled to being tomorrow, January 17, and they will reportedly last a week or more. Then it should take at least a couple of days to pull the perfect shot for the supposed trailer. So we're possibly looking at a mid-February debut for the first footage. Many believe it will come during the Super Bowl. But that also seems unlikely because it could get buried among the other big trailer releases that day. Or, perhaps, burying it is the point? Maybe we can just give the whole movie to the Corellian hounds and let them eat it all away.

B. Alan Orange