Woody Harrelson has given some brand new information about his role as Beckett in the upcoming Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Official news has been hard to come by lately as the cast and crew have been sworn to secrecy. On the other hand, unofficial news has been pretty fruitful in the last 24 hours, with costume and ship concept art leaking yesterday. Harrelson, who is at Pinewood Studios in London filming Han Solo, shared some interesting information regarding his character in the hotly anticipated prequel.

While speaking to The Standard, Woody Harrelson echoed his past feelings about the chance to be in a Star Wars movie. He expresses his excitement as such.

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"I am totally psyched to be making a Star Wars film. But the secrecy is on another level."

Harrelson has already shared this bit of information and we're sure that you'd be crazy not to be excited to be involved with a Star Wars movie, too. The exciting news is what Harrelson brought up next. He says this.

"What I can say he's a good character, he is a mentor to Han and a criminal, but good at heart."

So Harrelson's Beckett character will be a criminal mentor to Han Solo, but with a good heart, which makes sense when one thinks of the way that we were introduced to Han in A New Hope. It has also been previously reported that Harrelson will be filming in London until July, which leads one to believe that Beckett will have a significant role in the movie.

Harrelson is rumored to have beaten out Christian Bale for the role of Beckett and he feels that he and the crew are "gonna make the best one," meaning the best movie in the Star Wars franchise. That's a pretty lofty goal to aspire to, but hey, might as well set that bar way up there. All kidding aside, it's refreshing to see a veteran actor share their excitement for a role, especially a Star Wars movie. As we all know, many actors and musicians have practically begged to get a bit part in the movies. From Simon Pegg in a speaking role as Unkar Plutt all the way to Daniel Craig as Stormtrooper JB-007, getting a role in Star Wars is like a chance at the Golden Ticket.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story will be about the origins of Han Solo and that's all that is known officially. It has been rumored that the movie will be about the origin of the Millennium Falcon as well. Could we all get the chance to see Han Solo win the Millennium Falcon "fair and square" fromLando Calrissian? We'll have to wait about a year to get the official Han Solo news, but that could be a pretty cool spin.

The Han Solo prequel will star Alden Ehrenreich as the young space cowboy and if the leaked concept art is official, it appears that his costume will be very similar to Han's outfit in The Empire Strikes Back. With Harrelson's excitement and Donald Glover's promise to make Lando cool along with the leaked concept art, we should be in for a real treat next summer. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to open on May 25th 2018.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick