Giving Han Solo a new name seems like one of the most blasphemous things the upcoming Star Wars movies can do. Yet, that's exactly what is being planned for the next Anthology spin-off, which is based on the younger years of this legendary space pirate and smuggler turned Rebel war hero. But what if Han Solo's real name made sense? A new fan theory suggests that Han's true last name was already revealed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So, what is it, and where was it hiding that you all missed it?

Right there in plain sight, obviously. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently commented on Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, offering a few sparse details. The spin-off will serve as an origin story of sorts for Han. But perhaps the most shocking announcement was that fans will finally learn how Han got his name, indicating that Solo is something he picked up along the way during one of his many adventures.

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According to a new fan theory, it's being speculated that Han Solo's real name is Han Ren. Did that knock the needle off the record? While giving Han Solo a different name has angered some longtime fans that have been lingering around since the late 70s, having his real name be Han Ren might be the only legitimate name that works.

But what does this mean for The Last Jedi, if anything, since it will come first? This fan theory, which is really the only one that makes sense, comes from Reddit user Kuzefra, via The Star Wars theorist offers this as evidence.

"Disney announced around March 23 that the Han Solo prequel movie will reveal Han Solo grew up with a different name and changed it to Han Solo later. Here is my speculation: The most shocking name Solo could have: Ren."

As most Star Wars fans know, Kylo Ren is Han Solo and General Leia Organa's son. His real name is Ben, though there is some debate about his last name. While most refer to Kylo as Ben Solo, there is some evidence to support that he would have taken his mother's royal name, and was actually known as Ben Organa before his transition to the dark side. This new theory suggests that Ben decided to revert back to his father's original family surname of Ren.

"Kylo wasn't choosing a new name, he was reverting to his traditional family name. That would surely cause conflicting feelings for Han."

In the Star Wars Legends canon, Han Solo is an orphan who turns to a life of crime, and it appears that backstory will stay mostly intact for this spin-off movie. None of this name business has been confirmed by Disney nor Lucasfilm, and probably won't come up in The Last Jedi, which debuts this December. There could be a big Kylo Ren reveal in that Force Awakens sequel. But it doesn't sound like Han Solo's real name will be revealed until May 2018.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange