In not one, but two new Star Wars comic books, Han Solo is featured shirtless. The shirtless Solo is starting to make waves amongst certain factions of fans, who have finally seen the inspiration for the now-famous meme of the shirtless Ben Solo in The Last Jedi, which has come to be known as Ben Swolo. Marvel comics is doubling down on their sexy version of the iconic character, both young and old, going as far as to plant the romantic seeds between Leia Organa and Han.

Star Wars #57 by Kieron Gillen, Angel Unzueta, Guru-eFX, and Clayton Cowles is now available for purchase. The story takes place in between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, finding Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo separated from the alliance after a rather tough battle with the Empire. They're on the run and are stranded on a private moon called Hubin, where they are hidden from the Empire. However, things start to get kind of weird when Solo goes off to find an adult beverage and learns that the moon doesn't believe in money.

Han Solo is put to work to earn meals and adult beverages, so he goes out back to chop some wood. When Leia finds him, he's shirtless and wishing Chewbacca was around to help. Leia blushes and is taken aback from what she sees. It's honestly not that big of a deal, but it's the way that the characters are illustrated that make things a little awkward for the readers as well as Leia, who realizes that Han Solo might be a lot more than a space rebel jerk.

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Marvel also recently released the second issue of their Solo: A Star Wars Story adaptation, which again, features a shirtless Han Solo as he takes a shower with Chewbacca on Mimban. This is the younger version of the character, who is just starting to get to know Chewie, who later becomes his best buddy in the whole galaxy. Obviously, it's not a big deal to see the character shirtless, it's just a funny coincidence that both of those comics decided to do the same thing at the same time, giving Star Wars fans something to chat about.

This now sets up the official groundwork for the infamous shirtless Ben Swolo in The Last Jedi, which is a screenshot that launched hundreds of memes across the world of the internet. The infamous scene takes place when Rey and Solo are chatting with each other through their Force Facetime abilities. Regardless of how we all feel about the topless Solo family, we can all agree that they are all in pretty good shape, which is good to know for all of the completists out there. There's no space love handles going on here. You can check out the Star Wars comic images below, thanks to Marvel Comics.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick