The name of Emilia Clarke's mystery character in the still untitled (or is it?) Han Solo movie has been announced, could she be Rey's mom? Lucasfilm has done an amazing job keeping a tight lid on any leaks of information regarding the spin-off, and the project seems to be in good hands with new director Ron Howard, but as the release date nears; some leaks begin to spring up here and there. The news comes after it was revealed that Michael K. Williams will not be in the final cut of the movie due to lengthy reshoots and scheduling conflicts, which is a shame because he would have brought some great acting to the project.

While talking to Vanity Fair, Michael K. Williams let some important information slip out about his recently cut character and Emilia Clarke's character, including her name. Williams said that his alien character had "a link between Han Solo and Emilia's character Kira." It was later reported by Making Star Wars that Clarke's character's name is probably spelled "Kura." Star Wars fans may have noticed that Kira was the original name for Rey during the pre-production on The Force Awakens... So could Clarke's character in fact be Rey's mom?

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Now, this is all speculation at this point, but it could make sense since Lucasfilm is trying to show off how expansive the Star Wars universe really is, but a lot of fans notice that a lot of people are connected within that large universe. This is an unconfirmed rumor and could be a mere coincidence, but it is also worth noting that Lucasfilm has gone to great lengths to make sure names of new characters did not make it out into the public. Michael K. Williams may have just let out a major plot connection to the current Star Wars trilogy.

Williams also makes it sound like the connection to Han Solo and Kira is a major part of the plot of the young Han Solo movie. Now that Williams is off of the project, some rewrites are or have already been done, further changing the story and more than likely adding more reshoots for Ron Howard to complete. It's still too early to tell exactly what is going to happen in the spin-off, but Williams has offered us a glimpse of what the Han Solo movie will be about.

Another possible leak for the Star Wars spin-off was the name of the movie. A new LEGO catalog reveals that the title of the movie is Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, which has been floating around since we first heard about the movie. Even though the catalog is official, the title of the movie could still just be the working title. So, we have a lot of information about names now: the name of the movie and the name of Emilia Clarke's character. But where will she fit in to the larger vision of the Star Wars universe? If she is indeed Rey's mom, will we see Kira in Star Wars 9? We'll just have to wait until May to find out.