When Disney and Lucasfilm's Han Solo spin-off started shooting in February, the studios released the first photo, featuring the cast and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Since then, there have been no shortage of rumors about this Star Wars spin-off, but very few actual photos from the set. Although that changed this morning when we got our first look at Alden Ehrenreich in costume. These images also reveal another potentially interesting detail, showcasing what might be Han Solo's personal transport, before he obtained the Millennium Falcon.

TMZ debuted a fresh batch of images from the set, with one of the photos showing Alden Ehrenreich riding in a personal transport, which is much, much smaller than the Millennium Falcon. No details about the shoot were given at this time, and it remains to be seen if this transport is in fact Han Solo's personal vehicle. If the production continues with exterior shoots, perhaps we'll soon see more of this vehicle.

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This story is set 10 years before the events of A New Hope, and it is believed that fans will see exacly how Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from his old friend Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover). It was established in Empire Strikes Back that Han Solo won the Falcon "fair and square" from Lando. While it was never confirmed how Lando lost this ship to Han, it is believed that Lando lost the Falcon during a game of Sabacc, which is a popular card game used for gambling throughout the galaxy. There have been rumors that this movie will show that actual game, but it has never been confirmed.

There have also been rumors that this Han Solo movie could feature the iconic Kessel Run, which was mentioned in a number of Star Wars movies throughout the years, with the Millennium Falcon completing the trade route in just 12 parsecs. It was never said in any of the previous movies when the Millennium Falcon actually completed the Kessel Run, but it's possible that we could see that happen in this movie. Then again, it has already been confirmed that LucasFilm is working on a Han Solo trilogy, so perhaps it will be saved for future installments.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who have directed box office hits such as 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie, are directing Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, from a script by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan. Disney and LucasFilm have set a May 25, 2018 release date, which arrives exactly 41 years after A New Hope first debuted. Disney and LucasFilm will then release the highly-anticipated Star Wars 9 sometime in 2019, with a third spin-off, rumored to focus on Boba Fett, reportedly set for 2020. Check out out all of these new Han Solo set photos below.