Do we finally have an official title for the Han Solo movie no one really seems to want? If we're to believe a new LEGO catalogue leak, we most certainly do. And it will sound familiar to anyone who has been tracing the Star Wars spin-off throughout its inception and production. There really isn't a surprise here. But hey, new director Ron Howard might change his mind. For now, it looks like the official title will keep true to what Disney and Lucasfilm have already established.

Judging from the comments on social media, Lucasfilm and Disney's Han Solo movie is not an anticipated spin-off in the Star Wars universe. Fans have been turned off from the get-go, and the firing of the movie's original directors midway through production has not helped matters any. Director Ron Howard has come in, all smiles, and attempted to turn attitudes around. But for many, Harrison Ford, is, was and always be Han Solo. This Alden Ehrenreich kid certainly has his work cut out for him in proving he can play the space pirate and iconic smuggler.

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It didn't help matters much when his performance started getting compared to Jim Carrey's iconic character Ace Ventura. That partially led to the ousting of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The production has had its ups and downs. And just this week we learned that the movie cut its main villain, played by Michael K. Williams, who is rumored to have portrayed a half-man, half-animal. Whatever shakes out of this box, there will certainly be some interesting outtakes and deleted scenes locked in a vault somewhere.

So, what is the title of the Han Solo movie? It's not just Solo as some suspected. If we're to invest our trust in this leak from the Girl with the Staff Twitter, the next sci-fi adventure taking place in a galaxy far, far away will take a cue from Rogue One. Yes, as you can see in the tweet embed below, the title we're getting is Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

This probably won't come as much of a surprise. As that's what people have been calling it anyway. Perhaps Lucasfilm or Disney did their own research and found that most people recognize that movie under this title and changing it would result in a Edge of Tomorrow type disaster at the box office. Probably not, but you never know.

So far, Disney and Lucasfilm have not issued an official synopsis for the movie. And with Michael K. Williams leaving due to reshoot scheduling conflicts, it sounds like the story has evolved since Ron Howard stepped in. We probably won't learn much more about the movie until Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters this December. Right now, the marketing push is all in on that sequel, with Force Friday expected to bring the next big wave of reveals on September 1.

The LEGO pages seen in the Tweet give us the Han Solo: A Star Wars Story logo, along with highlighting Star Wars micro fighter LEGO sets. The logo design falls directly in line with what we saw when it came time to market Rogue One. So there is a consistency here. The logo in the magazine does appear to be similar to one used in a 2015 Deviant Art post. Perhaps this is just a placeholder, until Ron Howard and his team decide on what to actually call this thing.