Ron Howard is at it again, posting pictures from the set of the still untitled Han Solo movie, but unlike most of his pictures, this one may have spilled the beans about Thandie Newton's character in the movie. Past pictures have helped to spot some similarities between a Han Solo novel, The Paradise Snare, and the new Star Wars spin-off. But most of the other pictures have been bidding farewell to actors leaving the set or vague pictures of doom and gloom mixed with coffee shots or trash.

It appears as though Ron Howard might have let it slip that Thandie Newton is playing a villain in the new picture shared from his Twitter account. The photo caption mentions that Newton has wrapped up her Han Solo reshoots and is going straight back to work on HBO's hit series Westworld for Season 2 and calls her a, "powerhouse talent." Now, one has to look really closely at the placement of the right hand of director Ron Howard, as it appears on Thandie Newton's jacket. If one looks very closely, a sliver of the crest of the Galactic Empire can be seen.

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Thandie Newton Imperial

It was originally thought that Thandie Newton was playing Sanna Starros, who is a fellow con artist who faked a marriage with Han Solo to pull some kind of elaborate con, but that speculation may have just ended and started new speculation that she could be a villainous character who fans may have seen before. If Newton is indeed playing a villain, could she be Rae Sloane? Sloane is an Imperial commander who aided the fleet before the Battle of Yavin and who also helped put together the First Order after the death of the Emperor. The though does seem pretty unlikely since the Star Wars universe has been trying to distance itself from characters that are already established.

Thandie Newton has been tight-lipped like all of the stars involved in the Han Solo movie, but she has said that the experience of working on the movie defied any expectations that she had before hoping on board the project. The actress has also mentioned that it's the only project that she has been involved with that makes her 16-year old daughter excited. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actress commented about how excited she was to be a part of the project and how important it is to be a woman of color at the age of 44 and get asked to be a part of the Star Wars universe.

LucasFilm hasn't confirmed when Han Solo production is slated to wrap quite yet, so it's possible that more details and/or rumors may leak from the set as filming continues. Though production should be wrapping up pretty soon as Ron Howard has bid farewell to quite a few actors already. In the meantime, check out the new picture from the set of Han Solo courtesy of Ron Howard's Twitter account below and speculate about Thandie Newton's character in the movie.