The Han Solo: Imperial Cadet comic series finally confirms the origin behind the iconic character's last name. Solo was doomed from the day that it was announced. Hardcore Star Wars fans did not want to see another actor taking on Harrison Ford's Han Solo character, which is somewhat understandable. Then there was the production woes that helped solidify the negative thoughts about Lucasfilm, and then the final nail in the coffin: going into theaters less than six months after The Last Jedi.

Thankfully, the Han Solo: Imperial Cadet comic series by Robbie Thompson and Leonard Kirk fleshes out some of those divisive elements of Solo and sheds some more light on Han's last name. When Han joins the Imperial Navy in Solo, he is asked for his full name. When asked who his people are, Han replies, "I have no people," which leads to the recruitment officer to toss off the Solo name. However, that name means a bit more than that. As Han is swiftly thrown out of the Navy, the comic series shows him getting into trouble for his attitude, which in turn gets his whole unit into trouble.

The Solo name was given to Han by the Empire as an overall brand, according to a bullying member of Han's unit. The name is something to label him as an outsider so that other members of the Empire knew right away to be weary of him. The name was meant to prove that he was a nobody and definitely someone who should not be followed. Additionally, the Han Solo: Imperial Cadet series notes that the Empire never really even thought that he'd make it through training.

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While Solo has been given a new positive spin since it's been out on Blu-ray, there are still some parts that just don't sit well with certain Star Wars fans. One of the main problems has to do with how Han received his last name. In the movie, it seems like a tossed off idea that was made up on the spot, which was embraced by some fans as not being that big of a deal, and torn to shreds by others who felt that the name needed more of an explanation. As it turns out, Solo is a permanent brand.

This extra bit of information goes on to improve the story of Solo, and adds an extra layer that actually should have been in the movie. Knowing that the Empire could sense what he really was makes Han's backstory even more sad and pathetic. However, the hero smuggler took that name and owned it, and it's cool to finally know how and why he received that name to begin with. Whether hardcore Star Wars fans choose to accept the new origin remains to be seen, but it's sure to be good news for some fans. You can head over to Marvel Comics to get your issues of Han Solo: Imperial Cadet.

Solo comic book last name explained
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