It seems that a drunken superhero seeking redemption was a perfect fit for the Thanksgiving holiday week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hancock soared off the shelves in its debut week, topping the national DVD sales charts, rental charts and Blu-ray sales charts, for the week ending November 30.

The Will Smith film had little competition in new releases, with Fred Claus as the only newcomer to crack the top 10, finishing seventh in sales and fourth in rentals.

Some holdovers held on strongly this week as well, with Wall-E slipping to second place in sales in its second week, and Kung Fu Panda kept its kung-fu grip on third place in sales for a second straight week.

While Hancock prevailed on the Blu-ray sales charts, the BD charts saw the return of Transformers to the BD charts, taking second place despite being on the shelves for 14 weeks.