After the monumental success of Todd Phillips' summer comedy The Hangover, it shouldn't surprise anyone that a sequel is fastly approaching its own headache-inducing start date. According to a new interview with Entertainment Weely, Phillips himself is writing the follow-up screenplay, which he is midway through completing.

Phillips told the publication:

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"You always have those days (on set) when you say, 'If we did another one, wouldn't it be funny if...? Once the movie tested well, Warner Bros. came to me even before it was released and said, 'Let's do another one.' What people loved about The Hangover was not Las Vegas or the bachelor party but these three characters. I think you can take those characters and put them in other situations, and you don't need the sell of Vegas and a bachelor party and all that other stuff."

Phillips is currently hard at work on Due Date, a comedy which will team Robert Downey Jr. with The Hangover's bearded wonder Zach Galifianakis. You can look for The Hangover 2 to hit theaters sometime in 2011.