Alas, the odds of seeing Happy Death Day 3 happen have dwindled significantly. Director Christopher Landon and franchise lead Jessica Rothe have delivered a pretty amazing one-two punch with the first two movies in the series, which essentially play on what it would be like to take Groundhog Day and apply that concept to a slasher movie. The recent sequel, Happy Death 2U, laid the groundwork for a third installment but, unfortunately, Jason Blum has just poured some cold water on the situation.

Blumhouse Productions is the company behind the franchise. Jason Blum serves as head of the studio and fairly regularly, and always honestly, engages with fans on social media. Recently, a fan inquired as to the likelihood of seeing Happy Death Day 3 happen. Blum provided a not-so-encouraging answer. Here's what he had to say.

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"Not very but not impossible"

Warning: spoilers ahead forHappy Death Day 2U. The end of the movie sees Tree and the gang all good and well after finally fixing the issues with the timeline they created. A government agency then contacts them and brings them to a facility where they've gotten hold of the device that allows them to create these time loops. When asked for help by the agents, Tree indicates that she would like to see Daniel (Rachel Matthews) as the subject of their possible time loop experiment. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the movie's release, Christopher Landen confirmed the idea would be to center the third movie on Danielle.

"You watch her like a car crash. You can't pull your eyes away from her and you're always wondering what she's going to do next. She's the person that we love to hate... I have the idea for part three. People need to go see this one and we'll make that one."

Jason Blum chimed in saying "It's the greatest idea ever." Great as it may be, it also sounds like it could be a bit more grandiose and therefore, more expensive. And therein lies the problem. The first movie grossed an impressive $125 million worldwide working from a reported budget of just $4.5 million. The sequel, however, up to this point has made just $54 million working from a budget of $9 million. This, despite the fact that it earned generally favorable reviews, currently boasting a 67 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sadly, it does indicate a downward trend in appetite for this series. A third entry would probably cost more to make and, based on the trend, stands to make less at the box office. From a business perspective, unless something crazy and unpredictable happens, Blumhouse is going to turn their attention elsewhere. Feel free to check out the exchange from Jason Blum's Twitter below, as well as the full interview clip regarding plans for Happy Death Day 3.