Earlier in the week we saw The Waterboy Funko Pop toys. Now, more Adam Sandler Funko Pop figures are on the way, as Funko has unveiled new collections for Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. For many longtime fans of Sandler, these two classic comedy movies are still among the actor's very best work, and giving them the Funko treatment is perhaps long overdue.

Many other key characters from both of these Adam Sandler movies will also be joining the titular Sandler characters, and it may be impossible to choose just one to buy. You can take a look at the announcement tweets for both Funko collections below.

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For the Happy Gilmore Funko Pop collection, we of course get an awesome figure of Happy wearing his trademark Boston Bruins jersey with a gold club in hand. Joining him will be Happy's caddie Otto and his trainer Chubbs, with a Chase variant for the ladder featuring missing fingers on Chubbs' wooden hand. A 2-pack will also be available of former The Price is Right host Bob Barker and Happy during their famous fight scene from the movie, which saw Bob totally laying out the angry golfer. All the set is missing to be complete is Shooter McGavin and the alligator who took Chubbs' hand.

Several memorable characters from Billy Madison will also be getting Pop figures from Funko, and each one looks to be a must-have collectible for big fans of the classic comedy. For the set, we get a regular Billy, an alternate Billy playing with shampoo and conditioner in the bathtub, the giant penguin Billy imagines from time to time, and Danny McGrath - the Steve Buscemi character who enjoys listening to the music of Electric Light Orchestra while applying bright red lipstick to his lips. Additionally, another variant of Billy holding a lunch sack will also be available exclusively at Target.

Back in October, Funko revealed that Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore Pop collections were in their plans, but this is the first time we're getting a really good look at all of the upcoming releases. These are also not the first Sandler-based characters to be immortalized as Funko Pop figures. Just this week, new ones based on The Waterboy were revealed by Funko, offering two different versions of Sandler's character from the movie, Bobby Boucher. A Funko Pop figure for the movie Big Daddy has also been revealed, depicting Sandler's character dressed up as his Scuba Steve alter-ego.

With so many classic Sandler characters getting the Funko Pop! treatment, it will be interesting to see which other memorable roles from Sandler's past we'll be seeing next. Could the Opera Man from Saturday Night Live and the Devil's son from Little Nicky be coming next? In any case, all of these new ones for Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore look pretty amazing. Revisiting the classic movies with new Funko Pop figures is certainly fun, fans of Sandler's can check out his most recent work when Uncut Gems hits theaters on Dec. 13. This news comes to us from the official Funko blog.