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Well, it's everyone's favortie time of year again, and like all of you, we wanna get out their and get the creeps! So, without further ado, here is our list of Halloween links to get you into the spirit of things!

Hellboy: First up, the Official Hellboy Website has relaunched on this delicious day with all new media, including photos, video, and tons of other cool stuff related to the comic adaptation slated for release on May 21st! CLICK HERE

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iFILM's Horror Showcase: A collection of spooky trailers, short films, commericals, and other fun stuff for you to watch with all of your video plugins!

IFilm's Halloween Showcase: A collection of trailers, clips, and short films involving the wonderful world of horror and Halloween!

CLICK HERE for page 1

CLICK HERE for page 2

CLICK HERE for page 3

Attack Of The Zombie Pumpkins: The title says it all! Thanks to JoBlo for the heads up on this great site! See what it's all about! CLICK HERE

Creature Corner's TV Listings for Halloween: The boys at Creature Corner have outdone themselves this year by listing everything horror that aired on EVERY TV station throughout the month of October. Take a look at what's going on on the boob tube this Halloween! CLICK HERE

Lights Out's Halloween DVD Contest: Don't miss out on a chance to win 5 horror filled DVDs from Lion's Gate Films & Lights Out! Check out this amazng contest! CLICK HERE

Movie Vault Horror Listings: Feel like really studying up on your horror films? Access our Horror genre listing in our Movie Vault! CLICK HERE

Horror Soundtracks: Been listening to our streaming internet movie soundtracks lately? If not, you're missing out. Crank your computer speakers and get yourself over to our Soundtracks Section, click on 'The Creeps' and let it roll! You won't be disappointed! CLICK HERE

For all other horror, visit one of my favorite sites on the web, Crypt Crawl, where everything horrible is searchable. Don't forget to check out when Lights Out won best horror site, back in 2000! CLICK HERE...CLICK HERE...and if you're really cool, CLICK HERE and let it load!

Happy Halloween!