All of the sesame is definitely gone in this brand-new very street red band trailer for Melissa McCarthy's The Happytime Murders. The movie hits theaters at the end of this month and it's looking to be pretty unique, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with puppets, drugs, violence, and over-the-top sexual references instead of animation and traces of family decency. The Happytime Murders is proud of its NSFW status, wearing it like a giant badge of honor. Though, we do admit, Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles did get here first.

The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks. The filthy comedy, directed by Brian Henson, recently saw itself in some legal trouble after the studio behind Sesame Street attempted to sue STX Entertainment for referencing the popular kids show in its marketing campaign. However, Sesame Street lost that legal battle and The Happytime Murders has been gleefully trolling the iconic show even further in its promotional campaign, captioning posters with: "From the studio that was sued by Sesame Street..."

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The Happytime Murders is set in the dark underbelly of Los Angeles where puppets and humans live together. Two clashing detectives, one human and one puppet, are forced to work together to try and solve who is brutally murdering the former cast of "The Happytime Gang," a beloved classic puppet show. The new red band trailer for the movie shows some of the aforementioned puppets getting blown apart by a shotgun, reducing them to stuffing. In another scene, Melissa McCarthy can be seen snorting drugs with a bunch of sexually charged puppets, which is both humorous and disturbing at the same time.

The Happytime Murders was first announced in 2008 to be in development by the Jim Henson Company. The film was later picked up by Lionsgate in 2010 and originally had Cameron Diaz attached to star. The actress dropped out of the role in 2011, which then saw Katherine Heigl in talks to replace Diaz. It wasn't until 2015 that the project was picked up by STX Entertainment, who then set out to rewrite the film. Jamie Foxx circled the movie for a time and then it was finally announced in 2017 that Melissa McCarthy was taking on the role. With McCarthy in place, the rest of the cast rapidly fell into place.

Production on The Happytime Murders began back in September of 2017 and saw over 120 puppets used for the film, forty of which were custom built. As with must productions involving puppets, the sets were all raised to accommodate the puppeteers, who were able to stand up to complete their work. This gave the real-life actors small portions of the set to stand on. The movie was originally supposed to hit theaters on August 17th, but was pushed back one week to August 24th. While we wait for The Happytime Murders to hit the big screen, you can watch the brand-new NSFW red band trailer below, thanks to the STX YouTube channel.