We have heard a lot about a potential Harley Quinn spinoff movie being worked on at Warner Bros. as part of the DC Extended Universe. It looks like it won't be a solo movie, but rather an all female team movie featuring lady heroes and villains from the DC Comics universe called Birds of Prey. Now, the studio has reportedly hired an up-and-coming, in-demand screenwriter to pen the script for the movie.

The news comes courtesy of The Warp, who are reporting that Christina Hodson, who wrote the upcoming Transformers spinoff movie Bumblebee for Paramount, has been hired to write Birds of Prey. Christina Hodson may not be a huge name yet, but she is definitely on the rise and is in demand. Three of her scripts have made the Black List, a list of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood, in the past four years. One of those movies, The Eden Project sold in a big deal to Sony and Material Pictures. She also wrote a reboot of The Fugitive for Warner Bros.

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Without a doubt, her most interesting credit is the Bumblebee movie. Paramount is looking to do several Transformers spinoff movies and trusting her with the first of these movies is a big deal. Transformers is a multi-billion dollar franchise at this point, so that is no small matter. Warner Bros. may also gain some favor for having a female-led comic book movie being penned by a woman, similar to how people are very much behind Patty Jenkins directing the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Margot Robbie is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey (which isn't an official title at this point) after debuting the character in Suicide Squad over the summer. She will also be producing the movie. Birds of Prey, in the comics, centers on a group of superheroines started by Black Canary and Barbara Gordon, who also happens to be Batgirl. There have been many members of the team over the years so it is unclear who will or won't be included in this big screen adaptation, but there are plenty of options. No doubt, given the star power of Margot Robbie and the reception of her character in Suicide Squad, she will be a heavy focus.

After she landed the role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, the actress reportedly did a deep dive into the comics to research her character, and during that process, she became interested in many of the other female characters who are showcased in the DC Comics. She brought on an unidentified writer herself to develop the project, before taking the project to Warner Bros. The studio then quickly picked up the project. It is unclear if that writer was Christina Hodson, but it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. There is no release date for Birds of Prey yet, but Warner Bros. does have several release dates pegged for unnamed DCEU movies in 2018 and 2019, so maybe one of those dates will be filled with Birds of Prey.

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