Traveller's Tales have gotten rave reviews over their first LEGO video game, LEGO Star Wars, with people being terribly exicted about the news that they were bringing LEGO Batman out soon, but everyone wanted to know who was Batman going to battle in the game? MTV has gotten a sneak peak at the game, and have revealed that the Joker's insane psychologist and girlfriend, Harley Quinn, will be featured in the game.

Joining Batman, Robin and the Joker as confirmed characters for the game, Harley Quinn will have the ability to walk tight-ropes, super jump and bypass security guards in the game. She will appear in the Fairgrounds Villain level and one additional level in the game as well.

CLICK HERE to see a gallery of screenshots from the upcoming game, including the Joker, Harley, Batman, Robin and a LEGO crocodile (which just may hint that a LEGO Killer Croc may be appearing as well.)