During a recent conversation with Moviehole, actor Harrison Ford talked briefly about the status of Indiana Jones 4 and the James Cameron helmed Godspeed, which apparently is back on the shelf..

"Godspeed is gone, that was a space project with James Cameron", he says of the project, which would have told of a crisis on an international space station.

Rumoured to be his next project is "Manhunt", which is “about the capture of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln." So is it?

"That would seem to be next", smiles Ford. Um. Seem to be next? Why so tight-lipped…

"[There’s] a bunch of other things that have come to fruition...recently", he added.

Are we going to see it in Indiana Jones 4?

I have that expectation. We have pretty much settled on a story and doing some script work and hopefully it will happen soon.

How different is it going to be doing one 17 years later?

Well it will be somewhat different because we are…no that is not true it is going to be exactly the same [laughter].

Can you look back at some of your early films with any degree of objectivity?

I can only be objective from the point of view of my own experience and I can only be objective in a narrow sort of way, so I don’t mean to interrupt the question but I can intellectually posture objectivity if you want, but I am invested, I lived there, so I have a different experience than as a moviegoer...

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