In a recent interview, Alden Ehrenreich was asked if Harrison Ford had any advice for him before starting work on Solo. Ehrenreich was a little reluctant to talk about specifics, but he did end up revealing that Ford still hates the inhabitants of Endor after all of these years. The Ewoks aren't really looked at in a positive light by hardcore Star Wars fans, with many declaring that they were only introduced to sell merchandise, which Harrison Ford has more or less said in the past.

When coming back to work on The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford was attracted to the idea of killing off Han Solo, something that he's been wanting to do since the 80s. Ford originally wanted Solo to die in Return of the Jedi, but George Lucas was not on the same page at all. While doing press for The Force Awakens in 2015, Ford said that he had forgiven writer Lawrence Kasdan for everything, except the Ewoks, which is a view that he still holds today.

Alden Ehrenreich appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to discuss Solo and the host asked him what it was like meeting Harrison Ford, going further and asking about the advice that Ford had for the young actor. Ehrenreich didn't reveal much, but he did continue the negative outlook that Ford has on the Star Wars franchise. In this case, it was Ford's least favorite part in Return of the Jedi. Ehrenreich had this to say.

"He still doesn't like the Ewoks. Think that's a big thing for him. He hates Ewoks. It's like FAO Schwartz (to him), he didn't like them."

While Harrison Ford still hates the Ewoks after all of these years, he apparently likes Solo: A Star Wars Story. Ford recently surprised Ehrenreich by crashing an interview, joking around with the young actor and shocking him at the same time. That was the first time that the two had been in the same room since they got together to discuss playing the young version of Han Solo. Harrison Ford had this to say about Alden Ehrenreich's performance in Solo.

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"I just thought that it was spectacular and that he (Ehrenreich) was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn't be happier."

While Solo: A Star Wars Story makes Harrison Ford very happy, he's still not at peace with the Ewoks after all of these years. Ford's opinion is one that is shared amongst many Star Wars fans, but it's been a long time. It might be time to end that grudge and go hang with Warwick Davis or something. Although Ford didn't say it, his two favorite parts about Solo are more than likely that there are no Ewoks in it and he's not in it. You can watch the video clip below, thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel.

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