After Prometheus, which returns Ridley Scott to the original world of his seminial sci-fi horror classic Alien, the director is expected to move forward on a follow-up to another one of his timeless sci-fi adventures Blade Runner, with the Untitled Blade Runner Project.

Last August, producer Andrew A. Kosove claimed that the movie would have nothing to do with Harrison Ford, nor the character of Rick Deckard. The movie was said to be a total reinvention that would be completely fresh, with an all-new cast. At the time, it was not being called a prequel or a sequel, but a follow-up in the same vein as Prometheus. A spin-off, if you will.

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Today, word has leaked that Harrison Ford has actually entered into early talks to appear in this new film. It is not known in what capacity, or if he will resume the role of Deckard. Twitch Film, from which this story originated, makes it clear that this is very early in the process and that anything could change at any minute. Though, the Untitled Blade Runner Project is not intended to be a reboot, nor a direct sequel to the original.

What do you think? Do you want to see Harrison Ford return to the world of Blade Runner? Do you want to see him play someone new? Or is it only acceptable to have him reprise Rick Deckard? Maybe he will narrate the film? (Okay, that is highly unlikely.)