In what may come as numbing news for fans, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford hasn't decided whether or not he wants to return for Star Wars: Episode VII, which may be why we haven't heard any confirmed casting announcements just yet.

Yesterday, we learned that LucasFilm is prepping a major Star Wars: Episode VII cast reveal in the form of a teaser trailer rumored to feature the return of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. As we impatiently await the release of that video, Harrison Ford went on BBC One's The Graham Norton Show, where he admitted that we may never see Han Solo again.

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"[I have] not quite made the choice..."

However, the actor did reveal that he is quite ready to return as everyone's favorite archaeologist in Indiana Jones 5.

"I would do it in a New York minute, yes. I don't think there is any barrier to Indiana Jones being an old fart. I'm old enough that we don't need (Sean) Connery any more. I'm old enough to play my own father!"

The actor revealed in August that he was optimistic about getting to play Indy one more time, although we haven't heard anything concrete about the sequel's development for quite some time.

While he is beloved around the world for playing Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and numerous other iconic characters, the actor revealed that his children aren't very impressed by his legendary career.

"Frankly my kids couldn't give a s--t. Actually they've never really cared because they grew up in the sausage factory and it doesn't matter to them."

Harrison Ford will next be seen in Ender's Game next month and in the comedy sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues in December.