We reported earlier today that beloved Star Wars actor Harrison Ford was in serious condition after a plane he was piloting crash landed on a golf course. More reports are coming in that reveal the actor is, in fact, in stable condition, and resting at a local hospital. Here's what an unidentified member of the actor's family had to say during a press conference earlier today.

"He has a few gashes, all is good, he is expected to recover and all will be fine."

Harrison Ford's co-star Peter Mayhew also chimed in through his Twitter account, quoting Han Solo's infamous "don't tell me the odds" line. The actor's Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall also confirmed that the actor is in "fine" condition. The actor's son also reached out to his Twitter followers, stating his father is "battered but OK."

The plane Harrison Ford was flying crashed at approximately 2:30 PM, shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica airport. LAPD said eyewitnesses saw the plane takeoff before experiencing some sort of mechanical failure that lead to the crash. Here's what Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Patrick Butler had to say at a news conference.

"When flying this plane, it has two seats, but if you're flying solo, you fly from the rear cockpit. That was a good thing that he was in the back seat, since the plane hit a tree on the way down."