A galaxy of fans were quite upset at Disney this past weekend, as the Studio gleefully promised some sort of Star Wars: Episode VII update at their big D23 summit in Anaheim. Angry fans had shelled out up to $170 dollars a ticket, and in return, they got no real update of any kind.

On last night's Conan, Star Wars: Episode VII star Harrison Ford, who will be returning as the iconic Han Solo, played to the D23 conceit, gladly taking $1000 from the host for the promise of any new details in regards to J.J. Abrams epic sci-fi sequel, probably the most anticipated movie in the history of the medium. He then delivered a Star Wars update worthy of D23.

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The actor yawns before accepting the bribe, sliding it into his pocket, delivering this epic spoiler, arms crossed in a signature Han Solo pose.

"A long time ago...In a place far, far away...I forget the rest...You have no idea how long ago...It really was a long time ago. And it feels like it was far, far away...But I hear they're...They are thinking of doing another one. Do you know what they normally pay you to come here and do this shit? I don't do this for love. I stay home for love."

Watch Harrison Ford take the bribe, and also check out the video Conan put together of the actor pointing in all of his most popular movies. If you missed this episode, it's also worth noting that at one point, the actor was tormented by the Smurfs, whose The Smurfs 2 will be in theaters competing against Harrison Ford's Paranoia this weekend.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange