Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Harrison Ford about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for their summer movie preview issue. Ford dishes on a lot of interesting subjects in the four-page interview and the site posted a few new images from the film as well. Take a look at some excerpts from the interview and the images below.

On Shia LaBeouf as his co-star: "Shia's a very smart kid. He does his homework, does his research. Don't make the mistake of looking at Shia and thinking you're looking at an ordinary kid. One of the attractive aspects of him is that he's capable of behaving as, and portraying, an ordinary kid. And he doesn't have that gloss of ego that is so easily smelt and avoided. You want to step around it. It smells like dogs---, it is dogs---. He doesn't have that. I was really delighted to come to know him. Great to work with, for everybody. The whole cast is a remarkable bunch this time. Cate [Blanchett] is fantastic."

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On Cate Blanchett: "Two weeks into the movie, I'd only seen her in costume. She showed up one morning [in plain clothes] 'cause she wasn't working till later in the day, and I said, ''Who's that? That's who? Oh, shit - really?'' There's no aspect of her behavior that was not consistent with this bizarre person she's playing."

On getting older: "Yeah, I've heard it. 'Aaaaw, he's older.'' Well s---, yes. And by the way? So are you. So...are...you! Take a look in the f---ing mirror!" He continues, "Well, what's really happening is that we're making movies for only one segment of the audience. We're making movies that are geared to youth culture. Movies that have to have a representative of that age group in the leading role. But this is a movie which is geared not to one segment of the demographic, an age-defined segment. It's interesting that while we've been off doing other things, a generation and a half of moviegoers have been introduced to [the Indiana Jones films] through the agency of their family. Fathers and mothers passing on this experience to their sons and daughters. It's pretty interesting that this is such a family event. We've got a great shot at breaking the movie demographic constraints."

On killing off Han Solo: "I didn't feel there was as much interest in the character of Han Solo. I did urge George to kill the character, because I thought that would be his best utility. To die, and give the story some resonance. I call it some bottom. He's got no mama, got no papa - out there all by himself. He's a piece you can move around, or get rid of. You don't need him for the rest of the story. That's what I thought. But I couldn't get George to go along with that. He didn't want to stop making the toys."

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens nationwide on May 23.