In recent interview with Reuters, Harrison Ford talked about how he would like to play the "bad guy" in future projects, as well as some new details about the 4th Indiana Jones film helmed by Steven Spielberg:

"Certainly, but in American films the bad guy is never the central character but instead the counterpart to the hero," said Ford, 61, when asked if he wanted such a role.

"So I never even get offers for roles like that. Although it would definitely be fun because the bad guys can really go all out in their scenes. But as just an ordinary hero, I can't go all out."

Ford also offered further details about the fourth Indiana Jones film he plans to make next year with director Steven Spielberg. The film has been shrouded in secrecy.

"I got the project rolling and now I'm in a waiting mode," he said, adding he planned to be involved in drafting the screenplay. "When the screenplay is finished, I'll read it. And possibly determine that it isn't finished yet," he said.

Ford said there would be no disguising the older age of the Indiana Jones character.

"What concessions?" he said when asked about his advancing age. "Indiana Jones will simply be older and doesn't behave like he did in 1981 when he first appeared on the screen. That's all."

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