The UK's Mail on Sunday is reporting that the seventh and final Harry Potter film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be split into two separate films. This comes as an artistic decision, not a financial one.

The crew working on the sixth Potter film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were informed of the decision this week. The seventh novel is 776 pages long, and Rowling insists that splitting the film in two will allow fan favorite scenes to stay in the movie.

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A source close to the film states, "There's so much to fit that the view is the last movie should be in two halves. There is a huge battle when Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, takes on Voldemort that needs to be done really well."

Rowling writes on her website, "It is simply impossible to incorporate every storyline into a film under four hours long."

Warner Brothers simply stated, "People are discussing all possibilities."