Today at a Warner Bros. panel showcasing thier upcoming releases, we got to screen an exclusive trailer, cut entirely for Comic-Con, of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The trailer opened with Director Mike Newell talking about the film and stating that it’s still “Hogwarts”, “Battles” and now “even more frightening for Harry...girls”.

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Taking an even darker tons then the last two films, the Goblet of Fire trailer moved at a frantic pace showing us a more grown up Harry Potter. It starts with a shot of Hogwarts and talk of a tournament with other schools. We then saw some as yet unfinished shots in which some sort of vehicle moved through the air, and we even got to see the newest teacher, Mad Eye Moody. Harry asks a girl out as the trailer then segued into a a dance sequence, in which Harry and his friends can be seeing making their way into young adulthood. Some various creatures, including mermaids and some dragons were revealed in a quick succession of clips as the trailer moved to a close.

Lord Voldemort could be seen for a split second in the trailer, but the shot was less then revealing.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire hits theaters on November 18th.