As Tim Burton's Corpse Bride hits theaters this weekend, Warner Bros. will be attaching the full length trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to prints of the film. During various sneak peeks of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride over the weekend fans were treated to the upcoming trailer. HPANA has a full description...

Durmstrang ship flies in RELATED: Harry Potter Star Tom Felton Collapses During Celebrity Golf Match Ahead of Ryder Cup

Beauxbatons rises from the water

Voiceover: Dumbledore explains that Hogwarts will host two schools, and introduces them

(Harry spits out his juice when he sees the Beauxbatons girls – hilarious)

Harry asks Cho to the ball

Prof. McGonagall gives dance lessons – using Ron as her partner and asking him to place his hand on her waist – he gives a grossed out face and says, "Wha...?" – SO FUNNY

Overhead view of the Yule Ball

Viktor kisses Hermione's hand while one of the Patils asks, "Is that Hermione Granger with Viktor Krum?"

Ron accuses Hermione of fraternizing with the enemy

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