It seems that Harry Potter and his wizard friends' latest adventure won't be seen in IMAX right away. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince won't have an IMAX release until July 29, two weeks after it opens in traditional theaters on July 14.

The delay stems from the decision to move the film from its November release last year to this summer. IMAX had already signed a deal to release Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for a full month in IMAX and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has to wait until that commitment is over.

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It was said that the film would open in two IMAX theaters on the 14th, one in Los Angeles and the other in New York City. While the delay isn't said to affect the film's box office performance, since the film only has 12 minutes of IMAX 3D footage, shares of IMAX itself dropped 4% after the announcement of the delay.