According to This is North Scotland, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film cameras have arrived last week in the West Highlands to shoot breathtaking sequences for the latest Harry Potter blockbuster:

Scenes for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth in the epic series, are being shot in Glenfinnan, Glencoe and Glen Etive.

And the first of the action saw a Harry Potter double on location at Glenfinnan, in front of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Monument, skimming flat stones across Loch Shiel. Film crews in boats recorded the action, as excited tourists visiting the monument looked on eagerly.

Local man Donald MacLean who was watching from the loch shore, said: "Once Harry's double got the hang of it he was able to send the stones quite a long way." Glenfinnan will figure prominently in Phoenix, with the famous train the Hogwart's Express crossing its famous railway viaduct.

Meanwhile, in Glencoe this week, computer-aided filming from a helicopter has brought a new dimension to Hagrid's (Robbie Coltrane's) Hut in Clachaig Gully . Earlier, the movie makers succeeded in getting snow scenes at Glen Etive.

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In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter is faced with the unreliability of the very government of the magical world and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts. Despite this (or perhaps because of it), he finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty; and unbearable sacrifice.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is scheduled to be released July 13th, 2007.