Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a clever answer for one of the most-asked Voldemort questions. J.K. Rowling usually fields these questions on social media, solving mysteries for fans. Sometimes the answers aren't exactly what anyone was looking for, like when we learned about the plumbing situation at Hogwarts. But, Harry Potter fans are still hungry for more information, especially when it comes to Lord Voldemort. Thankfully, Radcliffe has attempted to solve this one for all of the fans.

As all Harry Potter fans know, Quirinus Quirrell is the purple turban-wearing Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The turban was a way for Quirrell to hide the fact that he had Lord Voldemort's face living on the back of his head. For nearly 20 years now, fans have wondered how Quirrell slept without smothering Voldemort. Daniel Radcliffe had this to say when asked about their sleeping arrangement.

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"What's that? How did he sleep at night? I would say that the only practical thing to do there would be to sleep on your side, unless Voldemort doesn't need air, which I'm not sure. As long as there's breath coming into the body, he's probably asleep on his front because it would still circulate around the whole thing. I'm guessing back-of-the-head Voldemort could survive off front-of-the-head Ian Hart's air supply."

If Lord Voldemort could survive being smothered in a purple turban all day, he could probably deal with a pillow at night, but Daniel Radcliffe seems to have the best answer so far. Then again, the Dark Lord probably got his way every night by demanding that Quirinus Quirrell sleep face down. He usually got his way in the Harry Potter franchise, so this makes sense too.

Daniel Radcliffe recently spoke about a possible return to the Harry Potter franchise, noting it has, "moved on and they're doing just fine without us." Radcliffe and the rest of the crew certainly don't need to come back, but fans would lose their marbles if J.K. Rowling figured out a way to make it happen. Radcliffe also stated that he wouldn't say "never" in regard to coming back to the series.

Harry Potter launched Daniel Radcliffe's career and he's happy where he's at today. The actor has taken on a variety of different roles over the years, including a highly underrated part in Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert's Swiss Army Man. Radcliffe keeps branching out and trying new things, but he's always down to answer some questions about the franchise that made his career, even if the questions get a little bit weird. He can currently be seen in Guns Akimbo, which is quite different from anything else he's ever done. The interview with Daniel Radcliffe was originally conducted by The Huffington Post.

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