A couple of O.G. Harry Potter stars have expressed their desire to return to the franchise. Though, it would be with something of a twist. Both Rupert Grint, the man who brought Ron Weasley to life, and Tom Felton, the individual behind the wicked Draco Malfoy, have both stated they would be game to come back to the Wizarding World at some point down the line. The question is, how?

Universal Studios Orlando recently revealed their new ride, Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive to the attraction. Several stars of the franchise made their way to the park to kick things off in style. While there, both Rupert Grint and Tom Felton Addressed the possibility of a return. Though, the question wasn't posed to them in regards to coming back as Ron or Draco. Instead, the idea was posed to them if, God forbid, the Harry Potter movies were ever rebooted, if they would want to come back and play their respective fathers. Felton was apparently quick to respond.

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"Absolutely, I say I'll do it for free but [laughs]...yeah, I'd love to."

In the movies, Draco Malfoy's father, Lucious Malfoy, was portrayed by Jason Isaacs. His father had deep connections to the nefarious side of wizardly, as he was a Death Eater and someone who absolutely despised Muggles. As for Rupert Grint? He also had a similar feeling about possibly playing his character's father, Arthur Weasley

"I'd be up for that...it'd be a nice kind of bit of closure."

Mark Williams portrayed Arthur Weasley in the movies and was the complete opposite of Lucious Malfoy. He was a loving family man who embraced Muggles wholeheartedly. Interestingly enough, Williams is actually part of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, as he appears during a pre-show bit leading up to the actual ride. So, for now at least, there's no danger of either of these actors taking over the jobs previously held by different actors. And they're not even really old enough for the job yet. But these responses beg the question, is this something that could happen?

The fact of the matter remains, the Harry Potter movies were money-printing machines. The eight movies grossed a total of $7.7 billion worldwide. Even though the response hasn't been nearly as resounding, the Fantastic Beasts prequel franchise is also doing quite well. Once that runs out? Who knows? Maybe the studio will get a bit desperate and start thinking about the idea of a reboot. It's unlikely, but this is Hollywood and money talks. The real issue would be getting J.K. Rowling to sign on. More likely, though still incredibly unlikely, would be some kind of adaptation of her play The Cursed Child. Again, very unlikely though. This news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.