As Thanksgiving is here, it is time for us to get the holiday in order. With Black Friday looming (actually, it looms the whole month!) one cannot let this time get away from them. And what better way to get the most out of your turkey day than to mix it with Harry Potter?

Considering all the carb centric goodness that we are going to be stuffing in our gullets, having a list of Harry Potter films seems almost essential. Now, it might be counterintuitive to eat all that tryptophan laden food and then plop in front of the TV for hours of Potter filled content. However, if done right these films will accentuate what a wonderful holiday Thanksgiving really is.

First of all, one shouldn't simply stuff themselves and then watch the movies on this list, which we compiled with the help of the official franchise website Pottermore. They need to form a plan for how to get these films streaming. The best bet seems to be, start with the first film on this list as you are beginning your Thursday Thanksgiving work. Then as you take breaks, as family arrives, you sit down and revel in the communal fun that is Harry Potter by moving through the films on this list.

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Now, you might be saying, "Hey, I have many thoughts of Thanksgiving and they ain't about Harry Potter!" This is fine. However, chances are somebody you are having over does care about Hogwarts and there's no denying that the set designs of these films evoke a holiday feel. The best part is that Harry Potter is interchangeable. It makes for great watching during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... you name it! Harry Potter has something for everyone.

So sit back and enjoy the 6 Best Harry Potter Movies to Watch This Thanksgiving. This list has been meticulously crafted. It is meant as a guide to get you through your day. So, throw the turkey in the oven, the potatoes on the pot and get ready to celebrate your Thanksgiving the Harry Potter way!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

With Thanksgiving preparations, like life, you've gotta start somewhere, so why not start with the film that started it all. This tale of a young Harry realizing his destiny and the power he wields, going to Hogwarts and then having the adventure of a lifetime, is the perfect allegory for Thanksgiving. There is always apprehension when starting a new endeavor. In many ways, as we have company come for the holiday (or if we are on our own trying to navigate where we are going to celebrate), we are like young Harry. We don't know the power we have until we turn on the oven and put the turkey inside or say "yes" to whatever invites we have. Hopefully, like Harry Potter, we come away from Thanksgiving feeling more emboldened.

Evan Jacobs