Harry Potter: There're a lot of rumors swirling about regarding the third installment of the Potter series. Director Chris Columbus has opted out of directing Prisoner of Azkaban, citing his desire to be with his family. Columbus has spent nearly four and a half years on the first two films. The word that came out about director Alfonso (Y Tu Mama Tambien) Cuaron being a potential director is true. Warner Bros. was very happy with his last film for them, A Little Princess.

A few websites have erroneously reported that Callie Khouri (an Oscar winner for her screenplay for Thelma & Louise), is also in the mix to do the screenplay. Khouri is a potential candidate to direct based upon her upcoming Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, also for Warners, but the screenplay has already been written by Steve Kloves, who has written all three. Cuaron is the frontrunner at this point, but Kenneth Brannagh who is portraying Gilderoy Lockhart in the new films is also a possibility. We'll keep ya posted.

Charlize:The Hollywood Reporter has reported that actress Charlize Theron is gearing up to co-star with Mark Wahlberg for Paramount Pictures and director F. Gary Gray. The film, The Italian Job is a remake. The film concerns a group of thieves who mastermind the largest traffic jam ever in order to make their escape after a heist. The film is scheduled to shoot in August in Los Angeles for nearly a one-hundred day schedule, with two weeks scheduled in Italy.

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