Harry Potter: Five months before this film bows and the goodies have already started rolling out. Yesterday brought some very cool little Harry Potter items to my attention. First, we have a very cool teaser poster, and for the record Dooby looks just like he did in my mind. And second we have a sweet audio sample from the, hopefully soon to be here at lighstout, trailer. I'm telling you the wait until book 5, Fall 2003, is just about killing me but these little bits are helping ease the pain.

CLICK HERE for the teaser poster!

CLICK HERE for the audio from the trailer!

Daredevil: Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and I can think of few words that will do this picture justice. Just remember this, Jennifer Garner has been signed to two more films as this character!

CLICK HERE to see how hot she is!

Sky Kids 2: Filming wrapped on March 11th of this year and we are just starting to get a sneak peek of Robert Rodriguez's second installment in this franchise. The first film was a pure, fun, guilty pleasure for me and I just can't wait for the next one!

CLICK HERE to see very cool shots of the short spys!

Until next time...~Bobby